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I s.w.a.t. bots

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Oct. 13th, 2005 | 06:11 am
posted by: afro_magician in team_scandalous

CvS2 to much to handle for dis "mortis" its to much to handle for dis "benra" its my game now and it belongs to me. I'm the greatest cvs2 player in Kansas/Missouri, I'm takin these skillz to nippon-ichi and bringin home osme stereo's(lol r.e.o.) ya'll want to holla just say xmen or bas and they'll durect you to me. I'm rollin sixkay biaotches and hos. Don't be postin bout no ggxx#rggi/ shit niether, slash is for "faggetttss" except for pot cuz he's something like a tank with nos.


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