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Want 2 Be in on Tha Scandal?

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Jul. 13th, 2005 | 03:50 pm
music: Finel Fight O.S.T oldschool 4 lyf mike haggar is that shit
posted by: robin_mask in team_scandalous

I thot i would maek this post to let evry1 kno wut THA SCAndal is all about. We R a team (scandelous) of 3 fighters all about fighting gaems. Mostly "Guilty Gear XX $Reload" by "arc system work." caPcom makes gay figters since JOJO, speking of gay Ben Ra is gay (i herd it on a reputibel websight lolol). Sinz midwest competit scene is fukkin weak we only hav record of liek 4 tourney where we consistantly take 2nd and 3nd place but got peaced out on 1st by Roman Sensi and UNCONTRABLE!! of STLouise MI.

NEwayz after long haietus we R back in tha game at least al il bit with me (EXMORTIS AKA THE INNOVATOR) represnet Bridget and May, Ben RA (BENRA AKA THE HATER) represent Testament Venom, uh Ky?, lyquid nitroge~n (AFRO MAGICIAN AKA LYQUID NITROGEN) represent Sol, slay of Baiken, Slyer, Testament, Zappa, Johnny, the whoel select screne LOLz. We epxect to meet up someday with our old challenges TREBORW and AZNFANTASYBOI, also LIGHTNINGSTORM (BH OCV).

Hay guys i heard Slayer has an infinity combo LOL.

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